Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Thrifting Treasures

I have found a few new-to-me treasures this past month and I'm sure you will love them! The first is this initial embroidered handkerchief. Isn't it lovely? I just fell in love with it and have a special "L" someone in mind. I use vintage handkerchiefs as napkins at my tea parties. I have an old jewelry box that was my mother's. I will put these pink "pearls" in the box for my little tea party guests to choose from to wear at the tea party.
These crocheted doilies will be used as chargers and under glass cordials for pink lemonade at the tea parties.
Don't you love these drawer pulls? They had four and three of them were mine and my husband's initials! They were $2 each!
The hammered silver heart was my most expensive purchase, but my husband (who was with me that day) said I needed it! <3 I was going to put it on a necklace, but instead hung it with grosgrain ribbon from a metal tree with little Eiffel Towers hanging on it. The quilt was my best find...only $20...couldn't believe it!
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