Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love is in the Air

I hear wedding bells... Don't you love weddings? This year I am humbled to help plan and host the wedding for my very own Baby Girl which includes hosting a Tea Shower for her.
These were my grandmother's (Nanny) dishes collected as premiums from soap boxes in the 1950s. I've added more of the same over the years acquired at thrift stores and antique malls. It will almost be like having her here with us.
I've collected these purple and pink hard back books from thrift stores to use as decorations. Didn't you used to play in your grandmother's jewelry box, too?
Here are a few more items I will use to adorn the tables. I'm hoping the crocheted doll dress and hat will fit a Barbie. What do you think? The pink and purple flowers are on a handbag...see the handles? After the shower, I'll post more pictures of the final outcome...much to do before then.


  1. How blessed your baby girl is to have you plan her tea shower and wedding! You are doing such a beautiful job with all of the decorations right down to the clever book idea! I have always loved pink and purple together:) What precious dishes from your grandma, I know she would be proud:) It looks like you are very detail oriented and I just love the crochet doll dress! Congratulations to your daughter and God bless you both! XOXO

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Sugar Pink Boutique! It was so much to come. Everyone enjoyed the lilac Candylights I ordered from you. They added such a special touch.