Monday, July 18, 2011

Suzy Homemaker Kind of Afternoon

Bought these flowers at Wal-Mart and used Ina Garten's (The Barefoot Contessa) method to arrange them. She learned this on one her numerous trips to Paris.
1. Arrange the flowers by holding them in your hand as opposed to putting them into a vase.
2. When you have an arrangement that is pleasing to the eye, tie the bundled stems with kitchen twine to hold them in place.
3. Then cut the stems to fit the size of the flower vase and place into water in your vase.

This is so much easier than cutting stems and placing them in vase takes all the guesswork out! I must also confess that I didn't use all the flowers I bought (they come in "pre-packaged" bunches)which were yellow daisies...I'm just not a yellow person where flowers are concerned. I'm very drawn to reds/pinks/whites and, of course, green! Those are the colors I have used in my landscaping...seems like I am giving you a preview of my next blog subject...

Then I decided to make some Strawberry Water by slicing some strawberries and then muddling them and put them in a carafe and added filtered water.

It's a refreshing drink on a sweltering summer day! Try it, you'll like it and it's a marvelous way to get your Vitamin C, dahling!

And lastly, I found another little Susan Branch book at Goodwill last week. If you don't know Susan Branch, you MUST visit her web site where you can also find a link to her new blog! I will give it a place of love and respect and let it live with my other Susan Branch books!

One of my favorite quotes from this book, "Dreams of strawberries are a good omen." I raise a glass of Strawberry Water to you!


  1. That arrangement it so beautiful thank you for the tips! I will definitely make the Strawberry Water I love strawberries! Congratulations on your great find too! This is such an inspirational blog thank you Connie! God bless, Jennifer

  2. I have often wondered how to arrange the flowers I get from Phil (which is actually quite frequently) in a different way...I have now been given a new idea. I may have to go out and buy my own so I can do this sooner rather than later!! Thanks, Connie!
    Donna C.

  3. I KNOW, Donna! It's sooo simple...why didn't I think of that! Prooves you can teach an old dog new tricks! Would love to see a picture of your flowers on you think you can post one?

    Jenn, I'm sure you will love it!

  4. Nice flower arranging tips, Connie!! Look at you blogging more lately! I like it. :)

    what's this about "muddling" strawberries? I've never heard of such a thing.

    Love the quote about strawberries too!! :D

  5. Hi Connie! I came over from your comment to mine on Susan Branch's Peter Rabbit room post! I love the idea of strawberry water and think I will do this very soon! I'm leaving this Friday for a week in the UK, but when I get home, I think it might be the first thing I do!

    I have a blog too, I just didn't link it to that comment to S.B., for some reason, but feel free to stop by and say hello!

  6. Hi Connie! I love that little LOVE book of Susan Branch's. Thank you for popping over to my blog! Isn't Ina smart? What a great way to put together a bouquet!

  7. Welcome Lexi and Pom via the Susan Branch blog! Lexi, when you post on Susan's blog and provide your blog site, it turns your name purple and allows others to click on it and be taken to your blog. I'm just learning how to blog and I hope my blog is improving as I learn more. Thanks for stopping by, y'all!