Saturday, July 9, 2011

We'll leave the light on!

My husband gets in on the fun, too! He found five of these metal lanterns with leaded glass on all four sides...perfect size for holding pillar candles. This picture was taken before he hung them from the arbor. Wish I had taken a picture of them "before"...they were nasty which made the price even sweeter....$2 each!!!! We were actually delivery a painting on a large canvas for an artist friend of ours for a showing, and the lanterns were laying in the back alley...the owner was going to throw them away!


  1. I know I have a typo in this but blogger is not letting me edit to correct it...I think the server is too busy...

  2. The owner was going to throw these away!! Oh my goodness what a find! You're like my mother-in-law she always finds wonderful things or gets great deals. Maybe I don't look hard enough. Congratulations on these beauties!!