Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Walk in the Courtyard

It's that time of year when the garden is in full bloom so let's take a stroll.

I hope my mailbox brings joy to the mailman! That's mandevilla growing up the post and pink periwinkles all around.

Here is another little "find" from a thrift store...a broken column. My husband placed a palm in it and then I planted lysimachia all around. My husband also collects small iron animals and places them throughout the garden.

My creeping fig has finally taken off and it has a daunting wall to cover, but...

...but it WILL cover this whole wall. We willl eventually have to trim it from overtaking the fountain and wood stash.

These vines are Moonflower and Morning Glory and live very nicely together as one blooms in the morning and the other at night! Seedlings were provided last year by my hairdresser and friend, Kelly, and this is the second year I've had them...they reseeded themselves all over that bed and I moved them to the corners and added the contents of one seed packet each this year.

Here's the beautiful moonflower, it only lives one evening...but what a night!

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